Fall 2019: New novel Lake Indigo will be published!

Watch for Andrea’s newest novel, Lake Indigo, to be published by Red Adept Publishing in Fall 2019. Read below for a synopsis, and stay tuned for more details!

For almost a century, the Victorian house on Lake Indigo has been in the Montclare family. During their childhood summers, sisters Melanie and Kelsey slept in their mother’s old bedroom which housed the gorgeous antique tapestry, the beloved family heirloom they’d been warned not to touch. Many years later, after their mother’s untimely death and an end to their current renters’ agreement, the sisters must make a decision about whether to sell the family summer home. They return to Lake Indigo with heavy hearts, feelings of nostalgia, and their own personal challenges.

The two sisters couldn’t be more different. Younger sister Kelsey is stuck in a dead-end job, bouncing from one doomed relationship to the next, and struggling to jumpstart her adult life. Older sister Melanie is a biology professor with the perfect husband, but she is recovering from her own secret, a miscarriage that has left her reeling and her marriage tenuous. But when the sisters discover a hidden door behind the Tree of Life tapestry—a seemingly magical door that leads into the past—they realize they can directly view their mother’s childhood, adolescence, early married life, and all the details she never shared with them.

At first the experience is fun and enlightening as Melanie and Kelsey delve into their mother’s past. But quickly they uncover truths about her they wished they’d never known, throwing their own life choices into question, and making them wonder if they ever truly knew her. And when they learn a way to communicate with their mom, the temptation to warn her of her fate causes another clash between the sisters. Will trying to change the past cause major ripple effects in the future?