Reader’s Guide for Versions of Her

1) The fantastic element at the center of Versions of Her is a time-traveling closet that allows Melanie and Kelsey to witness their mother’s past. If you were given the chance to go back and witness events from your parents’ past, would you? Why or why not?

2) When traveling back in time, Melanie and Kelsey discover several secrets about their mother that change how they see her as a woman and as their mom. What impact do these exposed secrets have on the sisters and their views of Christine?

3) What do you think of the fact that Melanie and Kelsey tried to alter their mother’s future through their notes to her? Would you have taken the same risk?

4) Melanie and Kelsey might be sisters but they are very different women. What are some of the key differences between them and how does that affect their decisions about visiting the past and confronting the future of the lake house?

5) Melanie and Kelsey can only witness but not interact directly with the events of their mother’s past. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this constraint on their time-traveling?

6) Throughout the book, Melanie is struggling with two losses – her mother and the baby she loses to a miscarriage. How does Melanie’s more recent loss of the baby affect how she works through her realizations about her mother’s past?

7) How do the men in the novel – Charlie, Ben, Josh, and Everett – influence the relationship between the sisters and the decisions the sisters make about the fate of the lake house?

8) Eventually, Melanie and Kelsey get to see themselves as children when traveling into their mother’s past. If you had a time-traveling closet in your own past, what moments would you want to revisit? And what would you want to tell your younger self if you could leave a note behind?

9) What role does the house itself play in the novel? Do you see it mostly as a backdrop or as another character moving the plot along?

10) What do you think of the ending of the novel? Were you disappointed or did the ending seem like the “right way” for the sisters to make peace with their mother’s past and their own grief?

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