Praise for Imaginary Things

“Rarely does a book surprise me. But Imaginary Things caught me completely off-guard! Andrea Lochen writes another beautiful book, filled with vivid scenes, unforgettable characters, and oodles of heart. With a page-turning plot and an utterly unique concept, Imaginary Things entertains, inspires, and provokes thought–a perfect book club pick.”

-Lori Nelson Spielman, author of The Life List

“Cleverly written with the perfect touch of magic, Imaginary Things will take you on a journey of the unexpected, and leave you contemplating the power of your own mind.”

-Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, authors of Your Perfect Life

“If it’s possible to write a witty modern fairy tale about a down-on-her-luck young mother, her erratic ex, and her charming four-year-old boy, Andrea Lochen has done it. Anna is not your typical overwhelmed mom, but her story feels like a friend’s. Imaginary Things reminded me again and again that the act of raising a child is a love story, a test of strength, and a thrill ride.”

-Susanna Daniel, author of Sea Creatures

“Have you ever thought about seeing into someone else’s imagination? Neither had I. Then I read Imaginary Things. This is an honest, charming novel that blends reality and magical possibilities, hard struggles and small victories, starting over and daring to dare.”

–Cathy Lamb, author of What I Remember Most

Imaginary Things takes place in a Midwest made so vivid and alive, so much its own character, that it becomes thrillingly believable that as Grandma styles the local brides’ hair into ringlets and the next door neighbor may be fighting a pain-killer addiction, a T-rex is running through the back yard. In this Wisconsin, single mothers may not have had the keenest of judgment when it comes to the men in their lives, but like mothers always, and everywhere, they have x-ray vision when it comes to their children. This isn’t just a psychological thriller, but a love story, and Andrea Lochen has put words to a reality that is as imaginary as it is rock solid.”

-Laura Kasischke, bestselling author of In a Perfect World

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