Praise for The Repeat Year

“An intriguing premise and some surprising twists make this an engaging, satisfying read that explores friendship, love and who we really are when it truly matters….A debut novel that offers a fascinating glimpse into one woman’s opportunity to rewrite her past and change her future.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“The Repeat Year is a clever meditation on time travel. In Lochen’s hands, it’s far more than a plot gimmick —it’s about the myriad ways we second-guess and sabotage ourselves in the name of finding happiness. Her characters must find ways to let go of regrets and cherish the small moments of love in life, right now. I enjoyed this a lot.”

-Margaret Dilloway, author of How to Be An American Housewife and The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

“The Repeat Year is warm, touching, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Andrea Lochen has taken a comfortingly familiar idea and given it a fresh and unique spin. Her heroine, Olive, is complex and endearing, a fun character to spend a ‘do-over year’ with, even as she struggles to right her wrongs and earn redemption. Anyone who has dreamed of getting a second chance at love will not be able to resist this book.”

-Janis Thomas, author of Something New

“A magical realist rom-com of great charm, The Repeat Year reflects with lively wit (and a surprising undertow of poignancy) on questions of fate and karma, chance and choice.”

-Peter Ho Davies, author of The Welsh Girl

“This quirky story about tough decisions and second chances will capture the heart and give hope to those who feel lost.”

-RT Reviews

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